Rope Access Services

Maintenance and Installation on High Rise Buildings and wind turbines among other hard to reach constructions.

Maintenance-repair and installation works with rope access techniques by taking the necessary safety precautions on the facade of high-rise buildings, hard to reach areas and constructions. By experienced IRATA trained personnel with high experience.

Wind Turbine Services

Wind turbine blade inspections and tower inspections.

Industrial painting services for wind turbines, tower repairs and PCU upgrades.

Industrial Cleaning and Painting

Cleaning and painting jobs on inaccessible glass surfaces, metal structures, bridges, cranes etc along with inner and outer facades of high rise buildings such as hotels, residencies, business centers and skyscrapers and in hard to reach closed areas like chimneys, silos, tanks etc.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

ALEN ACCESS LTD can provide NDT qualified staff for services needing rope access techniques in hard to reach areas.

Presentation and Organization

Hanging and installation of presentation elements like flags, banners and signings in business and shopping centers, entertainment organizations, factories.