SIEMENS PCU ( power curve upgrade )

ALEN ACCESS LTD have Siemens certified PCU technicians with full RUK/GWO certifiacates

Capabilty to perform PCU on Siemens turbines both onshore and offshore, staffhave extensive knowledges of the PCU system, installation procedures as outlined to SIEMENS specifications.

Applying the system to your existing turbine blade gives upto 4% better efficiency hence giving you a better productive cycle.

Blade and Body Maintenance of Wind Turbines

From blade cleaning to painting of turbines at any height, from small scale composite repairs to cleaning and painting works of the main wind turbine body;  we offer services in any field on the outer and inner surface of wind turbines.

ALEN ACCESS LTD are at your service with fast and effective solutions on all operations on the inner and outer surfaces of wind turbines.

  • Purification of blades from sticking dust and similar dirt's.

  • Small scale composite repairs on blade ends and surfaces, according to instructions of blade manufacturer company or the owners specifications.

  • Cleaning the oil  and like substances draining from the turbine on the body.

  • Either manual or pressure paint applications on blade and body.

We provide services on blade and body inspection or delivery  of the staff who will perform the inspection on the desired spot of the blade and the body.

Different than crane solutions:

  • Thanks to rope access techniques, simultaneous operations can be held at multiple spots by increasing the number of sub-teams without being dependant on a single crane.

  • Strong winds or bad climate conditions are the main reasons our operations will cease due to safety aspects for all the work force concerned.

  • Logistics problems, like not being able to obtain a crane with desired height from remote regions due to immobilization and similar costs, are eliminated.

  • Operations can be planned as long-term like a week or month, free from the problems such as a crane being tied in the field for a long time.

  • Work at height goes on independently from the ground teams.

  • Since there are not any kind of intervention on the construction during the installation of rope systems, everything remains the same after removing the systems.